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How To Find A Realtor
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How To Find A Realtor

Tonight I got home early after a botched attempt at running the 5k route for the Tri For A Cure during a thunder storm and received a text from a buyer client we helped last spring with the purchase of his first home. He says, ‘my buddy signed an agreement with a Realtor but it’s TOTALLY not working out. What does he do? I tried to get him to work with you but his mother-in-law hooked him up with some guy who lists million dollar properties but doesn’t seem to have any time for his $150,000 budget.’ First thing I thought was YIKES! Neither one of these guys (Client or Realtor) really took each other for a test run.

On our way to get a new cord for my laptop, my husband and I pondered the question for a bit. If you didn’t know a Realtor, how would you find one? A lot of times your parents will want to step in and tell you who to work with. This could work; however, would you let your parents go school shopping with you once you hit high school? (Only if they were paying, right?) It’s like what the The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff said in the infamous song, Parents Just Don’t Understand, ”I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips”. Your parents, all though ALWAYS looking out for your best interest, may not know what you are looking for in a house and/or HOW to look for it. They most likely bought their house 20+ years ago on a one page contract (or even a handshake), it cost them $25,000 for a 3 bedroom home and if the furnace broke in the middle of the winter, the previous owner was obligated to fix it. Clearly times have changed. However, take their suggestion as option number one. And then move on.

Option two: Ask your friends who have already bought a house recently. This may be one of the best options you have. Your friends will be able to warn you of all the issues they had and also brag about how wonderful or (EEEK!) how horrible, their Realtor was. They will tell you how they got a fabulous deal or had the sellers pay their closing costs. They will tell you how quickly their Realtor got back to them and what tools he or she used to get them the best deal on their new home. As a Realtor, we love referrals, so this will ALWAYS be our fav option

Option three: Go to a few open houses. Pick up the Sunday paper and pull  out the Real Estate section and check out some open houses in your price range; however, check out the Realtors too. Did they have good signs/directionals to get to the house? Did they greet you at the door? Did they follow you around the house? Did they provide treats or water? Did they make you feel welcome or did they hover over you? I think you get where I am going. After a while you will see how these Realtors work and if you like their style, they may be a good option for you. REMEMBER: They will be SELLING your new home one day.

Now that you have three options, (your parents recommendation, your friends Realtor, and your open house pick) Go meet with them. They should provide you with a new buyers packet that tells you about them and also with many legal forms from the State of Maine. They may have you sign a couple of things per their company’s policy too; but do NOT sign a Buyers Agreement with any of them until you are ABSOLUTLY certain you want to work with them. Maybe even go out on a couple of showings with them to see what there style is. You do not want to end up like my clients buddy and stuck with the wrong choice.

All Realtors want business; however, we want the relationship to work for you. I would love to say that I am the Realtor for everyone but I am probably not. So shop around! You are going to be talking with this person multiple times a day and hanging out with them quiet a bit. You don’t want to dread this.

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