The Big Decision: Static or Dynamic?

When you are getting ready to build a new site or redesign your current one there are a lot of decisions that you will need to make – what it will look like, what content you are providing, how you will market the site, and who will be updating the site, to name a few! One of the most important decisions is who is going to be developing the site. Every development team has their own methods and ways of creating a solution for your web needs. Some teams build static websites and others go with dynamic sites. Both sites look the same to you visitors, but make a huge difference in how content is edited. So what is that difference? Let me explain.

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April Maine Tweetup on 4/28

April Maine Tweetup on 4/28

Come out and meet some of your favorite tweeps IRL! (In Real Life, as if you didn't know.)

April's Maine Tweetup will be Thursday night, 6pm - 9pm, 4/28 at Brian Boru's.

Think warm weather thoughts! If you do, we can hang out on the outside deck.

If you want to meet cool folks from Maine but you're not on Twitter yet, go ahead and get started now.

RSVP is not required, but you can do so anyway at our Facebook page.

Advanced Social Media Marketing - 6/28/2011

Advanced Social Media Marketing - 6/28/2011

What to Expect:

This 1/2 day presentation is for businesses, non-profits and individuals who are active in social media (you blog, or tweet, or have a Facebook business page) but are looking to take things to the next level.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners (6/14/2011)

Social Media Marketing for Beginners (6/14/2011)

This 1/2 day presentation is for businesses, non-profits and individuals who don't have a social media presence, or are just getting started with social media, or just don't know what to do with the social media they already have in place.

A good portion of the seminar will be in how to set up your accounts the right way, how to find and network with people online, and how to avoid classic mistakes in social media.

Who Should Attend?

Any business owners, marketers, PR professionals or non-profiteers who feel like their being left behind when it comes to social media.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to setup your Facebook profile and business page and get people to "like" you
  • How to manage your privacy on Facebook and other platforms
  • How to get started with Twitter and use it to drive traffic to your website or business
  • How to build your LinkedIn network so t

PMF hosts Music Industry & Community Night

Portland Music Foundation teams with Bayside Bowl April 25

PORTLAND—As the Portland Music Industry continues to grow and expand, the Portland Music Foundation would like to help everyone working in it to make connections and get to know one another. So, on April 25, at 7 p.m., the PMF will be hosting a Music Industry & Community Night at Bayside Bowl, on 58 Alder Street in Portland. Anyone working in the music industry – musicians, promoters, club owners, journalists, engineers, etc. – can come out to the free event, have a drink, maybe do some bowling, and generally hang out with other people in the business.

One lucky person will walk away with a free copy of Ableton Live Intro recording software. Not bad, right?

Portland Music Foundation board members and trustees will also be on hand if you’re looking for someone to talk to about getting into the industry or getting further in what you’re trying to do in the industry.

How to Build and Promote a Business Blog

How to Build and Promote a Business Blog

Would you like to increase your online visibility? Drive more qualified leads to your site? Maximize your social media marketing? Then you need to build an effective blog.

A business blog is the linchpin of your online marketing. It will increase your search engine visibility, optimize your social media activity, and build your business. Whether you're just getting started with blogging or have a blog that isn't delivering the results you want, you need to attend this workshop.

Wright Express Donates more than $40,000 to the Arts

Wright Express Donates more than $40,000 to the Arts Season Sponsors of Portland Symphony Orchestra

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (April 7, 2011) — Wright Express Corporation has donated a total of more than $40,000 to six arts organizations that provide southern Maine with musical and theater performances.  The organizations include the Portland Symphony Orchestra (season sponsors), the Portland Chamber Music Festival, Portland Stage (sponsored show “2 Pianos 4 Hands”), Maine State Music Theatre (sponsored show “The Whiz”), Portland Players (sponsored show “Chorus Line”) and Portland Ovations (sponsored show Nikolai Lugansky).

 “We are thrilled that Wright Express has taken such a great role in supporting not only the Portland Symphony Orchestra but the arts community as a whole,” said Lisa Dixon, Executive Director of the Portland Symphony Orchestra.  “It is this type of generosity that keeps our music and the arts alive and strong.”

 Michael Du