Bryan O'Connor
South Portland Baseball Blogger

Bryan O'Connor lives in South Portland, ME, with his wife and two children.  Born in upstate New York, almost equidistant from six baseball teams, he chose the Blue Jays in the late '80s and was rewarded with two world championships and a subsequent descent into anonymity.  After moving to Boston in 1998, Bryan was enamored with the local fans' hatred of all things pinstriped, as well as NESN, the cable channel devoted to summer-round coverage of Red Sox games, news, transactions, and Dennis Eckersley's mustache.

Today, Bryan is an avid follower of the Red Sox and a rabid fan of all 29 teams with annual payrolls under $200 million.  More importantly, Bryan is a disciple of Bill James, the SABRmetric movement, and the many brilliant thinkers who have moved baseball analysis into the 21st century.