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Riding In Cars With Dogs
Riding In Cars With Dogs

As the weather warms, I’m seeing more and more dogs hanging out of car windows, ears blowing in the breeze.  While this harbinger of spring might make us smile at first, the truth is that we dog owners are taking unnecessary risks when we allow our dogs to ride unrestrained in our cars -- at any time.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m as guilty as the rest of the dog-owning population who’ve at one time or another simply opened their car doors and allowed their dogs to jump in before hitting the road.  When a dog isn’t restrained or contained while riding in a vehicle, several adverse events can happen.

A small breed dog becomes a projectile when an accident occurs and can be seriously injured and/or cause injury to a passenger who may be impacted as the dog flies through the car’s interior at high speed.

An unrestrained dog risks much greater injury than one who is belted in using a seatbelt harness or is crated.

If you are injured in an accident and someone comes to the vehicle to offer assistance, you can be sure your traumatized dog will flee the scene as soon as the car door opens.

Dogs who are able to move freely about the car’s interior can easily become a hazard to the driver, especially if they ride on the driver’s lap or in the front seat, or if they “alert” excitedly to things they see outside the vehicle.

What are our options, as caring dog owners, when inviting our precious dogs to ride in the car with us?  The photos accompanying this article show two dogs wearing harnesses that have a strap through which the car’s seatbelt passes, securing them in place during travel.  You can find these well-made harnesses at your local pet supplier.

Those of us who own SUV’s have the option of gating our dogs in the cargo area in the rear of our vehicles.  If your dog is small enough and/or your vehicle is large enough, you may also place your dog in a comfy crate for car travel.  

Won’t you please take your pet’s safety into consideration before you allow him/her to ride freely in the cab of your vehicle? Accidents happen every day.  We owe it to our pets to keep them as safe as possible in our cars.



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