Brides Against Breast Cancer comes to Portland

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There are myriad fundraisers for breast cancer in Maine, but this one is unusual.
For the first time Brides Against Breast Cancer is coming to Portland. It offers a way for those who've said I do, and those getting ready to take the plunge, to support the cause and save some money at the same time.

Fire crews battle boat fire at a South Portland Marina

PORTLAND, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) -- Firefighters from South Portland and Portland are on the scene of a boat fire Friday at South Port Marina located in South Portland.

Deputy Chief Jim Wilson of South Portland Fire Department said the fire was reported late Friday morning by a man who he believes has has been living on board. Wilson said the boat is moored to a dock and several other boats nearby have people living on board for the winter.

Firefighters used a chain saw to cut into the side of the boat to battle interior flames. The Portland Fire Boat was called to help crews battle the flames from the water side.

The South Portland Fire Department believes the fire began in the engine room.

Nobody was injured.

South Portland unveils updated high school


(NEWS CENTER) -- After ten years of planning and 33 months of construction, the renovation of South Portland High School is complete.

A new addition was built onto the high school last year, and this year, 200 thousand square feet in the old building received updates.

"There were a number of issues we needed to correct," said Superintendent Suzanne Godin, "from handicap access, to air quality issues, and educational planning issues. Being able to put all three of those into a brand new building makes it a wonderful opportunity for South Portland."

The $47.3 million project was approved by voters in 2010. The building needed structural improvements, new heating and security systems, and updated technology, among other enhancements.

Shopper loses engagement ring at Old Navy

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A holiday shopper left the Old Navy store in South Portland last Thursday wondering if she would ever see her engagement ring again.

The woman lost her ring in the Old Navy dressing room last week and store staffers helped her look for it, but no one could find it.

The woman left her name and phone number with a store manager in hope that they would come across it, but with the chaotic holiday shopping season, the contact information was lost.

A cleaning person discovered the ring the next day, but they had no way to find her. Store manager Allison Turk said they used social media to get the message out that the ring had been found. A friend of the ring owner saw one of the posts and notified her.

Maine lagging behind in solar energy

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- According to the Natural Resources Council of Maine, solar panels surged in popularity in the state and across the county in 2014, but Maine is still lagging due to lack of solar energy policy.

SoPo Police arrest alleged hit and run driver

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- South Portland Police arrested a man who allegedly stuck a pedestrian on Broadway Wednesday evening.

South Portland Police responded to the intersection of Broadway and Harriet Street and found a man lying in the roadway unconscious with life threatening injuries. Officers said they could tell a motor vehicle had hit the man because of the evidence at the scene.

Rescue personnel transported the victim, who is not being identified, to Maine Medical Center.


South Portland swears in new mayor

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- South Portland swore in a new mayor Monday who's described as a friendly boss, who's a stickler for the rules and a proponent of public engagement.

The Portland Press Herald reports that Linda Cohen spent years grinding the gears of city government, working 21 years as a city clerk in South Portland and Portland. She won awards for integrity and professionalism and is now president of the South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce.

Fifty-nine-year-old Cohen hasn't walked the straightest path to mayor of Maine's fourth largest city. She grew up in Portland often surviving off government cheese and public assistance while her mother battled alcoholism. She dropped out of the University of Southern Maine twice, but re-enrolled full-time while pregnant.