South Portland Police offer to take guns, no questions asked | News

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South Portland Police offer to take guns, no questions asked

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The South Portland Police Department is offering to accept any unwanted, or potentially illegal, firearms -- no questions asked.

The offer from police also extends to ammunition, forgotten or unsafe firearms too. Lt. Frank Clark says the department gets "random" requests from residents who find firearms and that this is an on-going service.

The South Portland department says this is not an investigative effort, but rather a service they want the public to be aware of. Since the recent school shooting in Newtown Connetticut, police say they want to get the word out about this "no questions asked" service to help ease residents concerns.

Lt. Clark said in a statement, "the hope is that this will increase the likelihood of residents turning over such firearms, reducing their access by untrained or inappropriate persons, and potentially preventing their use in a tragic situation. All firearms received will be destroyed and not resold."

If you would like to take advantage of the service, South Portland Police as that you contact the department's Community Response Unit at 207-799-5511 ext. 7236 or ext. 7242.


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