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Issues more personal for voters than 2008

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Early on in election day, voters were turning out in large numbers at the polls, many of them saying this election is more important to them than in 2008.

People in South Portland and Cumberland agreed that issues like the state of our economy, jobs, and Question 1 were the main reasons that drew them to the voting booths.  Voters in South Portland were lining up 20 minutes before the polls opened at 7:00 this morning, eager to cast their vote before heading into work.  South Portland residents we spoke to said they care more about this election than in 2008.

"The state of the economy hasn't improved at all, from my viewpoint, and I think we need to make a change," Julie Davis of South Portland said.

Bill Doyle said he voted based on his core values, "My core values are gay rights, help the poor, those kinds of things are deep inside me.  So today, my vote came from that side."

Clerks in Cumberland tell NEWS CENTER that 90% of registered voters participated in the 2008 election.  As of noon, only 25% had voted, but they're expecting the after-work hours will drastically boost their numbers.

Polls close at 8pm.


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