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Man threatens, shoots at taxi driver

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police arrested a man who threatened and shot at a taxi driver who gave a him ride to his home at 340 Sawyer Street early Sunday morning in South Portland.

51-year-old Adam Stockley, of Cape Elizabeth, pulled a gun on his driver and threatened to kill him, according to police.

"He was saying like several times, repeating that word, 'I'm going to kill you tonight, I will kill you tonight," said the driver, who asked to remain anonymous. "I asked him, 'please, don't kill me, don't kill me."

The driver said when Stockley looked away, he got out of the car and ran, and that Stockley fired shots.

"They found five casings right in the general area. They have no idea where the rounds went," said Sergeant Todd Barlow, of the South Portland Police Department. 

Police said alcohol most likely played a factor, and said Stockley was agitated and argumentative.

"That combination there is extremely volatile. We're not sure exactly what was in the heart of Mr. Stockley, but it appears he wanted to do that subject harm," said Sgt. Barlow.

Police found Stockley and a handgun inside the apartment. Police charged him with Reckless Conduct, Criminal Threatening, and Theft.

"We respect the second amendment rights and we understand that's a decision an individual makes, but you have to be very cognizant, you have to be very careful. If you're going to carry, you cannot be drinking, you cannot be in an altered state of mind, you need to use common sense," said Sgt. Barlow.





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