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Police fliers ask drug dealers to report competition

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some local police departments are sharing a flier on social media that asks drug dealers to turn in their competitors.

South Portland and Winslow Police Departments each posted the flier. Their pitch is that if if you want to get rid of the competition, the police are willing to help. Both South Portland and Winslow Police admit it was a funny post they put up and never expected to get the response they did.

"It was a tongue and cheek sort of response that we were making and we did expect some reaction, some appreciation for using humor to discuss what is really a serious topic for our community drug abuse and drug trafficking," said Lt. Frank Clark with South Portland.

Both posts received hundreds of comments, shares and likes, which is a surprise for both departments.

"We have all looked at the drug problem from an education basis and crime stories. It is an unfortunate event that is happening, so if you can attack it a different way, with somewhat of a sense of humor which the problem itself is not funny, but it does stimulate the conversation," said Chief Shawn O'Leary with the Winslow Police Department.

Both departments hope to start a conversation online and encourage people to take action in their community.

"The very first seed comes from those public citizens that see a lot of vehicle traffic coming and going from a location. Potentially knowing that somebody is selling drugs," said O'Leary.

According to O'Leary, drug dealers snitching on one another is not a far stretch.

"I don't care. If I can get information about people dealing drugs in my community, whichever way I can get, I am perfectly fine. If they want to turn each other in, that is great. I'm sure when we arrest that drug dealer he will turn in that drug dealer," explained O'Leary.

Since the posts were put on Facebook each department has received at least one tip.


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