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Meet the man behind the Target standoff

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When Corbin Pratt gave himself up to police in South Portland on Monday night, after a three hour standoff, even he didn't anticipate how much attention he would get in the following days.

Susan Kimball, from our media partner the Portland Press Herald, got to talk with Pratt a day after the standoff and she has more on this young man who caused such a stir because he didn't want to leave his home.

Pratt has been in Maine for a couple of months, now. But, this story started earlier this summer. Pratt said he drove all that way from California to Maine in a school bus he bought on Craigslist. When he arrived in Maine in August, he continued to live in his bus, moving from parking lot to parking lot, including a four week stint at Walmart in Falmouth.

On Monday, Pratt moved to Target in South Portland. And that's when the trouble started. He was asked to leave the Target parking lot. When he didn't, police were called. Pratt said he wasn't about to abandon his home. But after about three hours of haggling with police, he gave up.

He was charged with criminal trespass. The DA will decide if any other charges will be filed.

Pratt's bus was towed by Dick Stewart's towing company. Stewart said the bus did not have headlights, had bad tires and it was leaking oil. Pratt said he was stopped by police but not often. He drove from Utah to New Hampshire without getting pulled over.

Pratt, who worked on a farm in California growing medical marijuana, said he likes Maine and plans to stay. He has a job washing dishes at Three Dollar Dewey's in Portland, and was just about to get the bus ready for winter.

He's hoping to get the bus back soon and find a place to park and live for the long haul.


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