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Retro arcade opens in South Portland

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NECN) -- Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Pong. If you're of a certain age, those were your first video games. Now there's a new business opening up in Maine that hopes to cash in on gaming nostalgia and introduce a new generation to the classics.

David Demers is only 20, but when it comes to gaming, he's an old soul. He grew up playing at the Funspot Arcade in New Hampshire, and was good enough to earn world-record scores.

"We started going to little tournaments and just getting into it, and we got a Dig Dug machine at our house, and it took off from there." Demers said.

Along with his family, he went from player to collector. Over the years he accrued an impressive amount of classic games, like Pong.

Most of the games sat in his grandmother's basement, until Chris Perks - Dave's high school science teacher - was looking for a career change and got the idea from his son to start an arcade in Portland.

Chris remembered Dave and his collection, so he proposed they start a business.

They now have turned an unassuming office space in South Portland into a retro arcade. And no quarters are needed - customers pay one fee and may chase as many Pac-Man ghosts as they can over several hours.

Dave and Chris hope the arcade stirs up nostalgia, which they hope to tap into with corporate meetings, birthday parties, and game tournaments. They also think they can attract the younger generation.

The aim is family friendly fun, where the adults might be able to hold their own with their kids at a video game.


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