Energy Efficiency Projects in Schools, City Buildings Will Reduce Emissions by 17% | Environment

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Energy Efficiency Projects in Schools, City Buildings Will Reduce Emissions by 17%
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The City of South Portland announced today that it will achieve environmental improvement goals this year  -- six years early -- with a series of ambitious energy efficiency projects and policies in the schools and several city buildings.
 “I am delighted that the decisions we made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on energy expenditures are paying off so soon,” said City Manager James Gailey.  “The citizens of South Portland get a cleaner environment and the municipality gets lower energy bills.”
 The cost of the project will be paid for with the savings on utility bills.  The City expects to save $115,000 per year in energy costs.
 The energy savings are being accomplished by the installation of a multitude of projects including:
• Upgrades to energy management control systems.
• Installation of energy efficient lighting.
• Advanced lighting control systems.
• New, energy-saving windows.
• Replacing oil burners with natural gas units.
• Water conservation efforts.
• Replacement of outdated HVAC equipment.

The City of South Portland has launched projects at 15 buildings including City Hall, police and fire stations, community centers, libraries, the wastewater treatment plant, the former Hamlin School, municipal golf courses and the assessor’s office.  In a separate project, improvements have already been completed at seven city schools.  
The work is being performed by Siemens Industry, Inc. a global provider of energy and environmental solutions with local offices in Scarborough.  In the U.S. Siemens supplies a full-range of building technologies and energy efficiency services for municipalities, schools and private industry.
Emission of greenhouse gases, principally carbon dioxide, is believed to be a leading cause of global warming.  Power plants that burn coal and oil to produce electricity are a major source of these emissions.
“The cost-effectiveness of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar is something we will continue to study,” Gailey said.  “Right now, the best approach to reducing emissions is to reduce the use of electricity generated by burning coal and oil.”
South Portland estimates its efficiency projects will shave carbon dioxide emissions by 1.2 million pounds per year.
The City is a participant in the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.  The agreement pledges cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent by 2017.  Through those efforts, South Portland will reach that goal this year.


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