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Show Support for a 1% Increase in the School Budget

This year, the South Portland City Council has instructed the South Portland School Board to come up with a 2011/12 budget that does not include any increase in spending from last year (a zero percent increase).  Last year, the City Council gave the same instruction to the School Board, which resulted in cuts to staffing and programming.  Because of the rise in supplies and services to the school, the increase in heating, fuel and gasoline prices, and other salary increases, a zero percent actually results in a step back for our schools, our kids, and our community.  If passed, this will mean job losses and cuts in important and necessary programs and services that directly impact our children. 

Please come to the City Council meeting to show community support for a 1% increase in the school budget.  This minimal increase is important to preserving the quality of education at South Portland schools and for the future of our community. 

City Council Meeting - School Board 2011/12 Budget Proposal

7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 6, City Council Chambers

Zero percent will mean: 

  • THE LOSS OF A HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR/SOCIAL WORKER:  Currently the administration reports that there is an increase in students needing the important services provided by this position including crisis support/intervention. 
  • THE LOSS OF ONE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER IN THE ACADEMICALLY GIFTED PROGRAM:  The program is already unstaffed with only 2 teachers.  Eliminating this position will leave 1 teacher for 93 students at 5 elementary and 2 middle schools.
  • THE LOSS OF 2 MIDDLE SCHOOL LIBRARY CLERKS: The administrative duties of those clerks would be transferred to librarians reducing their ability to work directly with students.  Libraries would be left unattended or closed as much as 1/3 of the school day. 

A 1% increase in the school budget will help preserve many important positions and continue to provide all children in our city with access to quality education and athletics.  Please come show your support.

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