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SPHS Building Commitee Presents Virtual 3-D Model of School
SPHS Building Commitee Presents Virtual 3-D Model of School

On Thursday, October 13, 6:30-8:00 p.m., the community is cordially invited to the South Portland High School Lower Cafeteria, where Interior and Exterior virtual 3-D design plans will be on display.  This is a great opportunity to provide feedback to the Renovation Committee prior to the construction bid process in November.


  • The South Portland High School (SPHS) Building Committee is hosting its final Open House before the project plans are submitted for bid in November.  The Committee will present an improved virtual 3-D model of the renovation to the community including images of interior locations such as the cafeteria, Learning Commons, and lecture hall.   Community members are being asked to provide feedback before the final plans are presented. 


  • The interior plans include the addition of a Learning Commons in replacement of a traditional library.  The Technology and Library/Media Subcommittee have designed an interactive learning center immersed with technology.  The configuration is flexible including moveable furniture.  It allows for group interaction as well as quiet studying spaces and provides for a wide range of learning activities to happen simultaneously.  The inclusion of the Learning Commons in the plans is representative of the evolving needs of education.  The space easily allows for students to work collaboratively and addresses the needs of diverse teaching styles.  The Learning Commons design and layout will be presented to the community for the first time at the Open House.


  • The plans for the new building include obtaining LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council.  The Green/Energy Efficiency Subcommittee has been carefully assessing the plan and ways to adapt it to attain credits for certification.  The Subcommittee has been discussing ideas such as adding recycling stations throughout the building as well as developing a curriculum for students to learn about LEED certification.  The Subcommittee will be presenting their preliminary proposal at the Open House.


  • Attendees of the Open House will have an opportunity to view the specifics of the interior design including materials, style, and colors.  Many themes including nautical, natural forms, and the concept of flow have been incorporated into the design.  The virtual 3-D model interpretation provides a better understanding of the aesthetics and allows for community members to see an accurate rendition of the proposed building.  Residents can give detailed feedback on subtle design characteristics after viewing the model.


  • The SPHS Building Committee has invited people from throughout the community including reaching out to elementary, middle, and high school parents and students, neighborhood associations and local and state officials.  All members of the community and their families are invited to come and learn more about the SPHS renovation project.  Children will be invited to build their own 3-D model out of recyclable materials at the Open House.



Ralph Baxter, Jr., baxterra@spsd.org, 207.799.2115

Justine Carlisle, jcarlisl@maine.rr.com, 207.232.0054

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