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Chicken Hatch Part 6
Chicken Hatch Part 6

We have moved our chicken family from the box in the garage to a coop outside.  This is a big move for them since it is a little cooler out there but they are handling it quite well.  I made this move because the chicks are now out of danger and Mama needed to get OUT!  She was back on her feet in a few days and was digging and scratching in the litter and making a bit of a mess!  I made them a little coop that is very secure at night and then placed this coop right in front of the entrance to the meat bird coop.  This gives them a protected yard or run in which to excercise!  It is such a pleasure to see the chicks out on grass, pecking, exploring and following Mama around!  They pretty much do whatever she does.  If she shows interest in something so do they!   At night they all go in the coop and the chicks go back under Mama to stay warm.  I check on them and close them up so they are safe!

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