In Response to a Burgeoning Used Hot Tub Market, Mainely Tubs Launches New State-of-the-Art Hot Tub | Business

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In Response to a Burgeoning Used Hot Tub Market, Mainely Tubs Launches New State-of-the-Art Hot Tub


Mainely Tubs, Maine's largest hot tub retailer, has recently launched a new facility designed for the repair and refurbishment of used hot tubs. Located within its large storage warehouse on Landry St. in Biddeford, this enhanced facility comes as a response to increasing market demand for affordable, energy efficient hot tubs. Like the demand for used high mpg cars, the hot tub industry is seeing a burgeoning market for the equivalent. To help satisfy Maine and NH consumers, Mainely Tubs has built 3 state-of-the-art refurbishment bays and hired additional staff to help with the rising workload.

And this week, with this added space for used hot tub refurbishments up and running full time, Mainely Tubs is introducing over 40 reconditioned hot tubs to Maine consumers at their Payne Rd., Scarborough location. "In addition to an increasing demand for previously owned hot tubs, we’re seeing an increase in supply as existing hot tub lovers trade-in their older models for the newer salt water compatible ones" says Michelle Couturier, manager of the sales team and the trade-in program, adding “this current excess supply has led to some incredible values”.

Due to the thoroughness of the inspection and refurbishment of each hot tub before it is released for sale, Mainely Tubs has also increased the warranty on used hot tubs to 90 days.  "We want our consumers to have even greater trust that they are getting a quality product that will last for years - products that customers know has the Mainely Tubs certification and will last longer and save them money on their electric bill compared to many of the used, unreliable products found in Craigslist or Uncle Henrys" says Jim Van Fleet, owner. “Our goal is to make owning a hot tub as relaxing as using one.”

For more information on their new refurbishment facility, their current used hot tub inventory, or their trade-in program, visit Mainely Tubs in Scarborough Maine or on their website,

This summer Mainely Tubs celebrates its 35th Anniversary - now with over 15,000 customers and a staff of 28. Its success has been well documented in the hot tub industry - a result of the company's steadfast dedication to the satisfaction and happiness of their customers, and the referrals of friends and family that have come as a result.

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