Advice for Making the Best Possible Choice of Dog for You

Advice for Making the Best Possible Choice of Dog for You

A local family thought they knew what they were getting into when they brought a Wheaton Terrier puppy home.  They'd read up on the breed and had met one or two adults prior to making their choice for their family, which includes three young children.  Almost immediately, they were overwhelmed by their pup’s wild, uncontrollable energy and anxious demeanor.  They worked with a trainer and then put their pup in day care just to burn off some of that unbridled wildness that was wreaking havoc on their household.  They came very close to giving up the pup.  When the pup started school with me, I was unfazed by her very true-to-breed behavior.  This is what ALL my Wheaton Terrier students have been like without exception. 

When deciding on a breed of dog to add to your family, one of the worse ways to make that decision is to base it on ONE representation of a particular breed or solely on something you’ve read in a book.

Season Scores May 23

Many thanks to Ryan Marston, who made Season Score reporting much easier by setting up a Google spreadsheet calculating Season Scores from’s average game scores. Here’s an update on the most effective pitchers through seven weeks of baseball:

National League
1 Roy Halladay 220 PHI
2 Tim Lincecum 190 SFG

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Movies: "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

Movies:  "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

Sit ye down, lads and lassies, and let me tell you about some real pirate movies.  They were made when Hollywood knew how to buckle a swash -- and they had stars like Douglas Fairbanks (“The Black Pirate,” 1926), Errol Flynn (“Captain Blood,” 1935) and Burt Lancaster (“The Crimson Pirate,” 1952).   So what if they didn’t have 3-D, surround sound and computer animation?  They had lusty men of iron aboard staunch ships of wood -- even if those ship were usually anchored on Hollywood sound stages.  

All of which brings me to this summer’s big pirate picture, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” starring the elfin Johnny Depp and the sultry Penelope Cruz.  

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

By now we know what your conversion rate is right? The number of people that visit your site is not nearly as important as the people that do something on your website. We want people to make an online purchase, download more information like a whitepaper or a catalog, subscribe to your newsletter or blog, contact you or something of that nature. Getting people to do that thing is website conversion.

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Think and Plan Ahead BEFORE Bringing a Puppy Home (Part 1 - Costs)

Think and Plan Ahead BEFORE Bringing a Puppy Home (Part 1 - Costs)

A puppy should NEVER be an impulse matter how cute or needy the little fur ball looks.  There are many factors to consider before bringing a new puppy into your home, and planning ahead is imperative if you want to reduce stress and make the transition easier on all parties.  Today’s blog will discuss the financial side of a pup’s first year.  In coming blogs, other aspects of puppy ownership will be covered.

Whether you are rescuing, adopting from a shelter or buying directly from a breeder or pet store, there are MANY additional costs beyond the initial outlay of cash for your new puppy.  Vet care, food, equipment, training and day care can run up a tab faster than you can say, “woof woof woof!”

Your new pup should be checked by your chosen veterinarian within a few days of bringing him/her home.  During the first several months of ownership, a well puppy will need to return to the vet for immunizations against various diseases.

Quarter Season All-Stars

As of today, major league teams have played 38 to 41 games, which means the 2011 baseball season is about one quarter over. Let’s look at the players who have had the most success over the last six weeks. I’ll build a 25-man roster in each league, with ten pitchers and fifteen hitters. There will be no rule about representing every team and, best of all, no fan voting, so players will only be selected on merit.

We’ll start in the National League. We’ll need two catchers, and we’ve got three to five solid contenders. I’ll go with Arizona’s Miguel Montero,

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Weaver Watch Update


Since I started the Weaver Watch on April 26, when Jered Weaver was 6-0 with a 0.99 ERA and a