Movies: "Super 8"

Movies: "Super 8"


It’s the summer of 1979 and strange things are happening in the small town of Lillian, Ohio.   First there’s a terrifying train derailment.  A detachment of secretive soldiers arrives to clear the wreckage.  Then all the dogs in town run away.  People start to disappear.   And who would possibly want to rip out all the engines from the vehicles sitting in the used car lot?


Those are the first clues to the cleverly plotted “Super 8,” my pick for the best popcorn movie of the summer.  


Back to Normal

In the American League, the Red Sox overtook the Yankees for first place last night, thanks largely to seven wins in their first eight games against New York. Meanwhile, the Tigers have clawed their way to within a game and a half of the suddenly-vulnerable Indians, with the White Sox just six games out, and the Rangers are building a lead over the AL West pack.

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Social Media in Highly Regulated Industries - June SMBME


Registration is now open for June's Social Media Breakfast Maine.

This month we are talking about Social Media in Highly Regulated Industries.


Social Media is fun, exciting, ever changing, popular, fast and surprising – a lot of companies don’t like that and for good reason. Many of us work in industries that are more regulated.

Off-Leash Adventures With Your Dog

Off-Leash Adventures With Your Dog


Off-leash adventure is what your dog most craves.  The exercise is hard to beat (for dogs and humans alike), and the freedom just plain feels natural and good to your dog.  Getting comfortable removing the leash and trusting your dog to stay with you can be frightening and anxiety-provoking for most owners.  How do you get to a place of trust and relaxation in the great (off-leash) outdoors?  Here are some tips for getting started.

Tip #1:  Walk in safe places with another owner who has an experienced off-leash dog.  Dances With Dogs (my puppy nursery school) just started a hiking program for dogs.  My two adult Labrador Retrievers serve as canine Pack Leaders to the youngsters and less-experienced in our pack.  When training my own dogs to hike without leashes, I enlisted the help of friends with older dogs who had lots of experience.  My dogs naturally followed the example set by the savvy off-leashers.

Baseball Through Your Team's Lens

Baseball is a beautifully unpredictable game. The best hitter ever, whether that’s Ruth or Gibson or Williams or Bonds, fails to reach base in over 50% of his plate appearances. When he does reach base, he fails to score 60% of the time. The best pitcher ever (whether that’s Johnson or Paige or Gibson or Clemens) lets ten batters reach base in an average nine-inning game and three of them come around to score.

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Movies: "X-Men: First Class"

Movies: "X-Men: First Class"


The mighty Marvel megaplex money machine marches on.  With “Thor” still in theaters and “Captain America” waiting in the wings, the Marvel megalith rolls out what may turn out to be the best comic book movie this summer, a prequel titled “X-Men: First Class.”


Directed by Matthew Vaughan, whose previous movie “Kick-Ass” was really a comic book spoof enlivened by a dirty-mouthed tweener, the new “X-Men” is lighter fare than its four predecessors, an entertaining marriage of James Bond thriller and superhero fantasy.


What is Quality Score?

What is Quality Score?

In paid search (pay-per-click/PPC), like Google Adwords, there is a number that indicates the quality of the keywords you are using and affects it’s ranking and cost-per-click (CPC).

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