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Kindness Day
Kindness Day

Mahoney Middle School held a special "Kindness Day" yesterday, featuring a presentation by Michael J. Chase, founder of The Kindness Center.  My son loved the event, and it's very apparent that he and his friends got a lot out of it.

On days that school is a "half-day," many Mahoney students like to eat/shop/hang out in the Millcreek area (hopefully the merchants and others enjoy their presence!).  Yesterday was no different.  My son and eight of his friends went out to lunch.  But they still had Kindness Day on their minds.  They decided to do something kind for each other: each one of them went into the stores there and bought nine identical items, one to give away to each boy in the group.  Silly sunglasses, bandannas, candy, sports drinks.... and moustaches.

Then, they offered a "High Five" to everyone they met as they walked around Millcreek.  I understand there was a lot of high-fiving going on.

And lastly, they bought an extra Happy Meal.... and the boys decided to give it to someone they encountered that looked sad and lonely.  From what my son reported to me, it really did brighten that person's day.

Kindness can be big things, but it can be little things too.  Ann Curry's 26 Acts of Kindness Movement is still on people's minds.  Don Carrigan did 26 acts.  Twenty-six acts might feel overwhelming - what about one?  And it doesn't have to be a stranger - what about doing something unexpected for a friend?

There was another school shooting today, this one in California.  Too often we hear about cyber-bullying, or "mean girls," that nasty kid who harrassed an older woman to tears on a school bus last year, or so much other angry and cruel behavior.  But not all children are like that.  These are the exceptions.  I think most children have very sweet hearts - and want to be loving:  to their parents, their neighbors, and each other. 

To me, these little boys and their joy together, complete with fake moustaches, are evidence of that love.  I am hopeful for our future.

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