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Duck dwelling moved!
Duck dwelling moved!

We have moved the ducks to the front yard!  They were spending all their time there anyway and I had to chase them back to their duck house each night.  That got tedious so I decided to move their housing out front under our apple tree.  There is a culvert nearby that has a slow but steady trickle and so I dug out a small "pond" there!  It is very small, only about 2 feet long and 6 inches deep but it's working well for them, plus I don't have to carry water to them!  They go in each night on their own now which is perfect!  All I have to do is close them up.  They wander pretty far afield but always seem to manage to find their way home.  They also are sociable with our laying hens, spending time near the chicken coop.  The chickens are separated by a hoop house so they can't mix but I've read you can keep ducks and chickens together.  We'll see!

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