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India Runner Ducks!
India Runner Ducks!

We have just acquired three lovely India Runner Ducks, a male and two females!  Normally we buy birds that are newley hatched but this time we purchased full grown birds off Craig's List.  These are India Runner Ducks which are flight-less which is good since I don't want them to fly away but also bad since if they really need to escape a predatore they might be out of luck!  You must provide them with good housing that is predator proof and you also must provide them with enough water to fully immerse their heads.  This allows them to clean their eyes and nostrils out!  Our plan in getting these ducks is to use them for pest control.  They are very good foragers and seek out slugs specifically.  At the end of this gardening season we will turn them loose in the garden and let them root out any slugs.  This will really knock down the population for next year.  They also are laying very nice large white eggs.  I had one over easy the other day and the flavor is definitely different.  It had almost a "seafood saltiness" to it!  Like eating a scallop!  They kids think the ducks are neat and as we are fans of Beatrix Potter their names are Mr. Drake Puddle Duck (or Sir Francis Drake), Jemimah and Rebeccah! 

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