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10 Things To Do on Peaks Island during the Off Season
10 Things To Do on Peaks Island during the Off Season


Yesterday we listed an amazing home on Peaks Island, in Portland, Maine so we took a trip out on the car ferry to install our sign and take photos. We had never taken our car to the Island before. All the other island homes we had been too were within walking distance of the ferry so there was no need. OH! Did we learn a lot! Here are a few things to do on Peaks Island if you miss the car ferry back to the main land because you don’t know where to park your car in order to get in line to get ON the ferry. OH! And it was the “off season” so the island wasn’t really as BOOMING as it usually is.

1. SULK. JUST KIDDING! WHIP OUT THE CAMERA AND PRETEND YOU ARE A TOURIST! We had our camera with us to take photos of our listing, so I decided to put it around my neck and pretend I was a tourist and take fun pics of us, the view and the scenery. I mean, Peaks Island at sunset – breath taking!

2. GET A SNACK! We had just finished lunch at the Cockeyed Gull but I really wanted a snack. So we walked up to Hannigans Island Market on Island Ave and got an ice cream. That store is like the Island’s grocery store, but they really have a little bit of everything. Pretty handy for a stranded mainlander who has the munchies.

3. GO PEE! After going to Hannigans, we needed to go to the bathroom. Only public bathroom open – at the Portland Public Library. So we took a stroll further down Island Ave and visited the bathroom.

4. I WONDER WHAT IT’S LIKE TO ‘SUMMER ON THE ISLAND’? As we walked slowly (we had an hour to kill) we wondered what it would be like to summer on Peaks Island. It must be like summer camp as a kid. You get to meet kids from all over the country and at the end of the summer, you have to say good-bye and go home. It’s just like summer camp except your parents are there so you can’t hide anything and you don’t get homesick because your whole fam is with you.

5. I WONDER WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LIVE AND DIE BY THE FERRY SCHEDULE? As we watched and missed the first ferry, we watched all the islanders get off the ferry and walk home. They all had totes or those cool island carts to carry their gear or goodies they picked up on the mainland. They all looked very relaxed and no one seemed to be rushing. It made us think – maybe being controlled by a ferry schedule wasn’t that bad. Was the ferry ride home just enough time to relax after work? It sure is better than fighting traffic on the interstate. 

6. DREAM! Stand at the VERY end of the pier and look at all the houses on the water and pretend that one of them is yours and every night you get to see the bright city lights from your deck. Ahhhhhh! HEAVEN!

7. LOOK AT HOUSES FOR SALE! Heck, we are Realtors and we did go there to list a property – let’s see what else is for sale on the island. There are two Real Estate companies right by where you are suppose to park to get on the car ferry (we know this now, but not prior to 5pm) and they showcase a few of their listings in their windows. Our listing is still the best!

8. WISH! We said “I wish” a lot yesterday. Here was what I wished for: I wished that it was summer so I could go into this SUPER cute store called “Take A Peak”. I think they sell really cute touristy type things but all I could see in the window was fun tables painted in bright colors. It looked like a really fun store that I could have killed an hour in.

9. WISH SOME MORE! Here was Lenny’s wish – that we had known where to park so we didn’t miss the 5pm ferry.

10. RELAX! Take the opportunity to be stranded – not exactly on a deserted island – wait, it was the off season – with your best friend (my hubby Lenny) and enjoy the view. Opportunities don’t happen like this a lot and sometimes you just need to make the best of them and ENJOY!

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