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Local kids go national with their robots!
Local kids go national with their robots!

The kids from Cape Elizabeth Middle School and Yarmouth High are headed to the national championships with their…robots!
Elementary school, high school, and college students from around the world are headed for the VEX Robotics World Championship just outside Orlando.
That’s where their robots will be going head to head in international competition.
Check it out here!
We’ll go there LIVE, to meet them and get the lowdown on their creation on Friday April 15.
VEX Robotics President Paul Copioli will help introduce these rising young tech stars and talk about their incredible accomplishments in technology AND in working as a team on a complex project.


For a cutting edge peek at the technology of tomorrow, you can’t beat the brilliant creations of America’s best and brightest young technology wizards. And it’s time for them to step into the ring and show their robots’ stuff!

More than 550 of the top teams from middle schools, high schools and colleges in 14 countries around the world AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD will put their robots to the test April 14th – 16th at the annual VEX Robotics World Championship. More than just an exercise in programming and driving robots, these kids are using robotics to hone critical life skills including leadership, teamwork and project management, while increasing their understanding, interest and passion for STEM education and careers.

Paul Copioli knows outstanding technological creations, and the difference between fact and fantastical when it comes to what today’s (and tomorrow’s) machines can do. Copioli, joined by students from your area, will be ringside to show what the future holds. Get ready to be inspired!

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