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South Portland Public Library considering nearby property
South Portland Public Library considering nearby property

From Kevin Davis, Director of South Portland Public Library:

"Looking for feedback: what do you think about the library exploring the idea of acquiring the old gas station property that sits at the corner of Highland Ave & Cottage Rd and converting it into nice public green space - a continuation of the library's lawn?

We see a huge upside for the library, in terms of visibility, but are mainly in love with the idea of turning a plot of land that has been industrial for many years into a more pleasant public space for the community.

Possibilities that have already been floated:

  • Clearing the land and making a park-like space, with new walkways leading to the library.
  • Using a portion of the property to 'soften' the turn onto Highland from Cottage. Adding a library/community information sign (think the Mill Creek information sign).
  • Retaining the building and converting it into an outpost of the library with a cafe and space for programs.

Ultimately, the land is potential and we're sure there are lots more ideas to be considered.

If we do something with this idea, time is short, so it is important to know whether or not the acquisition of the land is an idea that can inspire the community as much as it has inspired us over the past few days

Your thoughts? You can leave comments at the Library Facebook page or send an email to Kevin at

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