Storm surge causes few problems along Maine coast | News

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Storm surge causes few problems along Maine coast

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Seas running 17 to 20 feet, combined with the surge from the coastal storm, had public safety officials along the coast concerned about flooding, but few problems have been reported. 

Officials with the York County Emergency Management Agency said roads had to be closed near the beaches in Wells and York early this morning around high tide.  While some rocks and debris were sent into the roadways from the splash over, the storm caused no major issues. 

At Camp Ellis near Saco, a place well known for having storms wash homes and roads into the ocean, there was also minor flooding caused by waves two stories tall hitting the shore.

By the time high tide was reached around three Monday afternoon, the winds from the storm had shifted and the state was spared the brunt of the powerful waves slamming the coast.

The raging surf did bring out people to watch and take pictures, but a mix of freezing rains and sleet - propelled by wind gusts over 40 miles per hour - kept people from getting too close to the shoreline.


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