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Foursquare nuts
Foursquare nuts

In December DH and I got "smart phones."  And with that, I've been able to join the ranks of Foursquare.... with a vengeance.  Naturally, everything's got to be a competition.  So, I was really thrilled when I became the "mayor" of my LYS (that's "local yarn store").  My very first mayorship!  Goodie!  Now, I just have to keep going back to protect my mayorship.  Who knew that this would turn into the One Ring for me... "my precioussssss."  It's only a matter of time before I'm mayor of Shaw's!  Hannaford!  CVS!  The Kennel Shop!  I'll take over the entire Millcreek neighborhood!  Muah-ha-ha-ha....

Now, I can't go anywhere without checking in on Foursquare (even DS is asking me when we go places, "Mom, have you checked in yet?" It's a little sad, really).  I noticed that Holy Cross Church isn't listed yet as a location on Foursquare (oooh!  Another potential mayorship!).  And today, stuck on the Bridge, sans knitting bag, yep, you guessed it.  I checked into Foursquare.  I wasn't the only one; someone else had checked in and was stuck, just like me!  The question is, how close are we to Mayor?  And do I have to be stopped on the bridge?  Can I check in while I'm dodging cars in the morning????

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