Driver crashes into South Portland Dunkin Donuts

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- No one was hurt when a driver crashed into the side of Dunkin Donuts on Sunday afternoon.

The accident shut-down the Dunkin Donuts on Route-1. South Portland Police say all of the damage to the building is cosmetic and the shop can reopen once the damaged area is boarded up.

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Made in Maine: From Fishing to Fashion

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The materials used for sailing for fishing in Maine has turned into a fashion statement.

Brands like JCrew and Anthropologie have started to tell two made-in-Maine products: the Sea Bag, and the Bait Bag.

Sea Bags have been around since 1999, but their success has exploded in recent years.

The tote bags, made out of recycled sails, hand sewn in Portland, Maine, have been sold in every state in the U.S. and is now entering global markets.

Alaina Marie, a designer in South Portland, makes the bags out of marine-grade material. The bags are inspired by the bait bags that lobstermen hang in their traps.

Body washes ashore in South Portland

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A body washed up on the shore of the Fore River in South Portland Tuesday.

Police said a passerby found the body of an adult male at the end of Buttonwood Street around 3 p.m.

The man has not been identified.

Investigators are waiting for the medical examiner's officer to determine a cause of death, though police said they are not treating this case as a homicide.

"Business Friendly" title stripped from SoPo

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- South Portland leaders responded Monday to the removal of the city's "business friendly" designation by the LePage Administration.

The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development took the title away in February because it said the LePage administration was disappointed that the city passed an ordinance last year that blocks the export of tar sands oil. The ordinance caused strong debate in the community, with a few hundred people attending every public meeting before the final vote.

South Portland City Councilor Claude Morgan said he stands by that ordinance and disagrees with the governor's decision.

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SoPo schools see more homeless students

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- South Portland schools have seen a large increase in the number of homeless students. Meanwhile, there's been a decrease in Portland city schools.

The Portland Press Herald reports Portland's family shelter regularly used the Maine Motel on Route 1 in South Portland for temporary housing is one of the causes. That produced a total of 61 additional students for several weeks until families were placed in apartments.

Since July 1, South Portland schools have enrolled 107 students who were considered homeless under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, said Assistant Superintendent Kathryn Germani. That's a 74 student increase from 2013-14.

SoPo High School adopts new pledge rules

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Faculty at South Portland High School officially approved a procedure for saying the Pledge of Allegiance after students sparked a controversy over leading the pledge.

The new proposal makes clear that students are being invited not ordered to say the Pledge of Allegiance, said senior class President Lily SanGiovanni. Principal Ryan Caron said that SanGiovanni will begin the pledge with, "I now invite you to rise and join me for the Pledge of Allegiance."

SanGiovanni, Gaby Ferrell and Morrigan Turner began adding "if you'd like to" while leading the pledge over the school's intercom earlier this school year. SanGiovanni, Ferrell and Turner said they wanted to make clear that the pledge is optional under law.

The controversy gained national attention. Caron told the Portland Press Herald he heard from people in 30 states.

How to relieve a killer hangover

How to relieve a killer hangover

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