SoPo schools see more homeless students

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- South Portland schools have seen a large increase in the number of homeless students. Meanwhile, there's been a decrease in Portland city schools.

The Portland Press Herald reports Portland's family shelter regularly used the Maine Motel on Route 1 in South Portland for temporary housing is one of the causes. That produced a total of 61 additional students for several weeks until families were placed in apartments.

Since July 1, South Portland schools have enrolled 107 students who were considered homeless under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, said Assistant Superintendent Kathryn Germani. That's a 74 student increase from 2013-14.

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SoPo High School adopts new pledge rules

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Faculty at South Portland High School officially approved a procedure for saying the Pledge of Allegiance after students sparked a controversy over leading the pledge.

The new proposal makes clear that students are being invited not ordered to say the Pledge of Allegiance, said senior class President Lily SanGiovanni. Principal Ryan Caron said that SanGiovanni will begin the pledge with, "I now invite you to rise and join me for the Pledge of Allegiance."

SanGiovanni, Gaby Ferrell and Morrigan Turner began adding "if you'd like to" while leading the pledge over the school's intercom earlier this school year. SanGiovanni, Ferrell and Turner said they wanted to make clear that the pledge is optional under law.

The controversy gained national attention. Caron told the Portland Press Herald he heard from people in 30 states.

How to relieve a killer hangover

How to relieve a killer hangover

I'm guessing that a few people were hung over after celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Do you have a tried and true hangover cure? We've got a few. Check out this slideshow on the Catching Health Blog.

In South Portland, students teach adults about social media

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Most parents understand Facebook, but what about Yik Yak, Kik, or What's App? They're all popular social media apps among teens.

It can be hard for parents to stay on top of all the technology at their children's fingertips, and that's why teachers in South Portland held a forum on "Digital Citizenship" Monday night.

Parents were invited to come to a panel discussion about social media. Students of different ages answered questions candidly about social media use.

The students explained which apps are popular and why. They gave them advice for monitoring social media use, and on a few occasions, reassured them that students are learning how to use social media responsibly. In South Portland, it's a regular topic in the classroom.

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Teens face charges in stabbing shooting case

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two teenagers went before a judge Friday to face charges for a South Portland shooting and stabbing.

Essa Sayed of Portland and Zachary Swain of Cape Elizabeth, who are both 18, face numerous charges, including attempted murder and aggravated assault. Police said the Wednesday night attack was the result of a botched drug deal.

Swain and Sayed were each charged with robbery, two counts of attempted murder, one count of assault and elevated assault.

Police said the two victims and two suspects met at Wainwright Recreation Complex around 11 p.m. Wednesday night to exchange what police called a small amount of marijuana. Police are expected to make more arrests as the investigation continues.

For the first time: Cholesterol, yes. Juicy steak, no.

For the first time: Cholesterol, yes. Juicy steak, no.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released a new report that has big implications for the health status of Americans. Read some of the recommendations and tell us what you think! PS It's not to eat more red meat.

South Portland Police investigate shooting, stabbing